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Be #1 in Google™ Maps

Want more clients?

You need to be found when they’re searching.

If you sell to local people in person, you have a major advantage over some businesses, which is Google Maps.

If you search for “Thai Restaurant”, Google will automatically show a map, because they know you’re probably not going to travel far. Location matters.

This means you don’t need to compete with everyone, just a handful of businesses near you.

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SEO is Competitive.

Maps SEO

Everyone wants to be #1.

Sometimes businesses get lucky and “stumble to the top” just because they’ve been around for decades.

This is increasingly rare.

To get you to #1, we have to bump someone else down.

Sometimes they will fight back.

leads per day

This isn’t playground kickball, there’s real money on the line here.

Being #1 will get you about 1/3rd of all the click-throughs. It falls off as you go down the page.

In SEO we joke you can “hide the bodies” on page 2, because nobody ever looks there. If we move you from page 20 to page 2, you won’t notice anything happening.

Once you hit page 1, the game begins.

As you rise on the page you will start to get more business.

Great for Local

This is recommended for businesses that sell locally.

Faster Results

General SEO often takes months. This usually takes weeks.

Get More Clients

Search intent clients are usually high converting & intend to buy.

Compound Growth

Local clients refer other local clients to compound growth.

Grow your Business Locally

Maps SEO isn’t magic – it’s a hundred tiny things done carefully to “persuade” Google (and Bing) that your business is the best result to show for a specific keyphrase.

This happens through “citations” (evidence to support a legit business location), “on-site tuning” and other systems.

It is best done slow & steady. Google suspects spam if done too quickly and can blacklist overly aggressive or “blackhat tactics”.

"White Hat" Maps SEO Optimization Services

Bonuses: All Above Purchases Automatically Also Include...


Complete Recruiting System + SwiftStaff

Find & onboard great staff easily to expand your office or open a new one. Includes systems for low-cost offshore outsourced Virtual Assistants.


The Practice Pre-Retirement & Sale Maximizer

Learn why most practices never sell, and how to be the exception so you can retire well & maximize your years of hard work.


The Cross Marketing Piggyback Strategy

Get 80% lift with 20% of effort by partnering with symbiotic businesses. Includes swipe files, templates & more.

Client Testimonials

“I like the leads, and we're converting enough which is more than most companies. This stuff works. I like that I don't need to babysit or micromanage, and the practice keeps growing.”
Dr. Marvin Lee, Los Angeles
“Roger and the Swift Marketing and SwiftCloud team - y'all are wizards, I call you my Jedi council.... I earned more than $50k last week...”
Jeff Taylor
Jeffrey Taylor

Psssst... a secret

We are the white-label source to a bunch of other agencies.

We have a great team around the world, and some other agencies resell our work at higher prices.

Questions & Answers

We’ll call you on the phone to discuss phrase priorities i.e. what you want to rank for, and for what city.

Typically, as part of the package, we do research into keyphrase variations.

We’ll try to always get some “quick wins” less competitive phrases first, so you get some business flowing, then move more competitive keyphrases.

Our goal is for you to be #1 on maps.google.com, which means if a “3 pack” or “5 pack” displays, you’ll be highly ranked in the google main search or appearing high with a local / city modifier, if one does not show automatically.

At first, we need it to be for the city you’re actually in.

If you have multiple locations, then yes, we can rank all of them over time – i.e. 1 business with multiple locations.

We can also set up “satellite businesses’ using another location and/or another domain in some cases (we’ll have to discuss, is not automatically included but is an option).

Google uses distance to city as a factor. Trying to rank for “Los Angeles Dentist” will be impossible if you’re actually located in Long Beach (a distant suburb), but ranking you for Long Beach Dentist is exactly what we can do.

Yes, this is common, though they should be topically related.

Google knows what topics are related, and this is a factor.

We’ll usually start tracking 3-5 keyphrases, then expand over time.

You can quit and resume anytime. There’s no lock-in contract.

If you are pretty firmly at 1st position for the phrases you want, and confident nobody is “gunning for you”, you can quit anytime. There’s no lock-in contract.

If you do resume, however, be advised the setup fee will apply, because we re-audit the case, and start fresh.

After initial setup, we’ll periodically check in with you just to check the quality of leads and what you want more of or less of.

Also, optimizing your profile by adding photos, news, sales, reviews is helpful so we do recommend you pay some attention to this – we’ll make it easy by periodically sending you your link.

We also have reviews packages (separate), which clone a review from 1 location (say, Facebook) to other locations (i.e. Google, or from Google to Yelp + Facebook) – this is “reputation management” but there’s some overlap here: better reputation = more clicks.

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Money Loves Speed

Could you do this yourself?

Yes, if you have (1.) specialized knowledge, and (2.) specialized tools, and (3.) the time to learn it and do it.

How much is weeks or months worth?

Your company’s default destiny is no change… that next week is just like last week, except a bit worse, as competitors are fighting for your turf. They are fighting to win your clients over.

We aim to create an inflection point.

That requires change, work, assets. It won’t happen by accident or luck.

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