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We’ve built over 200 websites, including this one.

By the way, here’s a quick tip: Do I need a Website or Sales Funnel? Yes – you need both – they serve different purposes, but the sales funnel is just a subsection or few pages on your website, typically. Roger here (TIP: Roger now lives in Charleston SC) explains…

I know you want cost, so we’ll just come out with it: it varies widely.

Some can be free – just pay hosting (from us), if you just need a simple site you’ll write the content for yourself.

What actually matters most is a hierarchy of needs:

  1. The first thing you need from a Charleston Website Designer is a basic brochure that helps build trust with friends-of-friends, or people who find you online. You already have people that know, like, and trust you in most cases, but what about their referrals?
  2. The second most important function you need from a Charleston Website Designer is around reviews, referrals, case studies, and showing off client success, which may include a gallery of client’s installations, or testimonials from happy clients.
  3. The next function you need from a Charleston Website Designer is functionality time savers to help speed sales along – schedulers, online waivers if applicable, payment online – systems to help save you time, get paid 24/7, advance the sale.
  4. Next your priority becomes building a brand, and serving as the main hub for your online efforts, which means driving lead generation with ads, or “tripwire sales” (low-cost shy-yes offers to get the sale moving, if applicable to your business).
  5. The highest level of online service is community – engagement, discussion, tools – so that your company is the nexus of referrals and value creation. Happy clients answer questions by other clients, and happy client testimonials become marketing assets automatically.

That said, there’s a trap you should be aware of, which you can circumvent with 1 key equation or mantra, which is…

Your top priority is cost-per-closed-deal or cost-per-customer.

A free website that causes you to lose customers is worth less than $0. It’s damaging your brand. and are technically just “websites”, yet earns billions of dollars in ad revenue per year, because they’re useful.

We prioritize websites that make money.

There are plenty of Charleston Website Designers that can make a pretty, nice looking website, but making one that reflects your brand and produces leads or produces sales is more rare.

Swift Marketing is an international company with staff in over a dozen countries – and including Charleston, SC in the U.S.

So while you might be looking for a Charleston Website Designer, what you probably actually need is a Charleston Digital Agency, or Charleston Marketing company – and we’ve got you covered on all fronts.

Marketing gets purposely complicated by companies looking to confuse you, but the basic formula you need is reasonably simple. It is…

  1. Compelling offer. What do you sell? Make it super clear.
  2. Multiplied by Delivery to the Right People,
  3. Multiplied by “Brand Gravity”, which is your trust, authority, relevance
  4. Divided by “Friction”, which is the action you want them to take. Is it easy and low cost? Expensive and difficult? Motivation must exceed difficulty in order for the client to take action.


We’d like to help you grow your business, and it all starts with a friendly conversation. Tell us about a project you have in mind, we’ll get you some options, and if it’s a mutual fit, we’ll get rolling.

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