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Need a Web Guy? We Got You

How it works:

  1. US Experts (Roger, for now), $100/hour billed to the minute.
    Just need 20 minutes of work? You pay only $33. We can refund the rest, or let it ride til next project. 
  2. India Team, $25/hour.
  3. Rare: Specialists like sysadmin (you probably won’t need) may be billed at other rates. 

That’s it.

These are subscriber prices, but we like you and we’ll let you test the service first.

Cool? Let’s get started.

How We Work:

  1. Deposit Funds
  2. Schedule Your Call

Deposit $197 toward your project then schedule your call. Guaranteed or $ back.

Can you post-pay?

Nope. We work super super simple, and don’t chase people for money. If we cannot solve your problem, or are not a match, we’ll refund your payment back to the card, and try to point you to someone who’s a better match.

No drama. Results guaranteed.

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Subscription Basics (2024):

  1. Account Credits Never Expire, they’ll roll over. 
  2. Set a Per-Task Limit. If you ask for a task & it’s under $200, we just knock it out. If more, we’ll give you an estimate. Example: Ad design – just request it, we add to your billing, and it’s done. We act like one of your staff.
  3. No Contract. Upgrade or Downgrade anytime. Higher plans get better pricing & service guarantees.
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& 80+ More. Php, React, SEO, PPC, ORM, Reviews & more

Any web or design or video work.

That’s our specialty. Software and media.

Ad designs, funnels, trade show booth backgrounds, marketing videos, website administration, you name it.

Can we solve your in-person IT computer issues? Nope, but we can maybe refer someone.

People who value their time, want to just pay for a job to get done as quickly, cheaply, and efficiently as possible, with no drama.

Business owners who are successful, and want to actually get someone on the phone, instead of wading through self help, dealing with call centers in India, or overpriced agencies with $20,000 retainers.

There are some projects we don’t take, because others are better at it – example: Magento websites (a large e-Commerce framework).

We are experts at WordPress, design, and video.

Of course. We’ve built more than 200 websites, hundreds of ad campaigns, generated more than $100,000,000 in sales and helped with over a Billion in total sales. Browse around the site, or set an appointment. We’ll guarantee results.

That depends on the task. Sometimes yes.

Small things we’ll sometimes work live, on the call, with screensharing and just knock it out.

More complex tasks our goal is understanding, get clear on the task, rough things in so we have enough to get the project done – like wording on an ad, or a video script, or what’s to be fixed on a website.

Any highly technical work we’ll usually have our awesome crew in India do, but you’ll never talk to them, and we’ll manage the project for you. These guys are in-house, full time for us, not just some random freelancer. We guarantee their work, and have have worked with them for years.

If it’s website, programming, design, or video, yes.

If not, then no.

If we cannot do it, we’ll refund it back to your card and try to recommend someone.


Heads up in some cases stuff breaks that is NOT in our control: Example: WordPress plugins or themes that we did not develop.

We can solve problems. We cannot prevent all problems for all time from other people’s code.

That said, we’ll communicate.

It’s helpful to see face to face, but not required.

Screen sharing is often helpful.

You should generally not give us your password, but instead, grant us guest access to your account or control panel.

We can help you with this.

Yes – IF we are speaking.

If you are a subscriber, we do not charge for voicemails left for our team, but we do if we speak in person.

We’ll always try to work as effectively as possible, and almost never are we starting from scratch on projects, saving you time and money.


We’re experts. 

Pay and schedule and let’s solve your problem, or you can email us anytime.

We’re happy to help, but trying to weed out freebie-seeker tire-kicker hassle clients too cheap to pay for good service or stuck in DIY mode.

We’re awesome. We work fast. We get stuff done.

$100 account credit.

We’ll move fast and try to knock out your issues. Any funds not used can either get refunded, or stay as credit on your account.

If your project is not a good fit, we’ll just refund it.

If your project is more than the time allotted, we’ll let you know and apply it. We’ll also give you our best thinking, even if it means buying some other off-the-shelf product we don’t get commission on.

Deposit $97 then schedule your call. Guaranteed or $ back.

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"My Marketing Jedi"

Recruited 530+ commission-only sales reps. Building a complete sales funnel.

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"Great Work, 8+ Years"

Over 100 Projects completed - video, websites, trade show booths, flyers, display ads & more


"Excellent work as always"

Ranked #1 in google for niche keywords; 2 websites completed

Carl Sillman

"Strategic Asset for Us"

Website, video, Workflow automation

DennisF Punched

"Beautiful Work"

Live event graphics, flyers, video work

Steve Aranda

"Wish I could hire full time"

Websites, graphics, marketing assets

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