Swift Marketing

Swift Marketing

We Grow Companies

In most cases, we tap existing demand and re-route it away from competitors to you.

In rare cases, Swift Marketing can create demand where none exists.

Either way, you win.

We help you meet new customers & close more sales.

What impact do you need most?


Small changes can sometimes have an outsize impact on net margins.

We can help create more leads, close a higher percentage of them, and help increase your margins.

If you made $860 for every $100 you spent, how much would you spend?

That’s an 8.6 ROAS – Return On Ad Spend.


Software & Media are forms of leverage that will give you more time.

Common marketing automation includes Sequences design (including cold outbound, warm inbound, sales workflow automation)

Data scraping, ChatGPT, MLops, SEO, CRO, PPC, ORM & more – we’ve got you covered.


Want to grow, but not sure how? Unsure what a good conversion rate is on your next offer? 

We can help.

Marketing should be more science than art. Once solved, you’ll have a Customer Factory: You’ll be able to put in $X, and get out $Y like clockwork.

We specialize in Service Providers.

Heads up! We only help services companies. If you’re in e-Comm, retail, or restaurants we’re not a fit. 

Lead Generation Specialists

Our bullseye clientele is usually local services providers seeking to dominate their local market or expand into new markets.

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Referrals are a Trap.

Most of our clients get most of their business by referral when they start with us.

Referrals are awesome. It means you’re good at what you do.

Local Marketing Agency

The problem: Referrals create a “Local Maximum” and prevent escape-velocity growth, allowing you to scale up and sell your company.

Referrals have a high closing ratio, and no cost-per-lead. This creates a temporary decrease in margins when you try to grow. If you do not pass through it, you’ll never escape “founderitis” – where most small businesses stay forever. Keep the referrals, but add marketing “rocket fuel” to get escape velocity.

A Solution: work by referral, but start adding active-generation to your customer base.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Compelling offers, x delivery to the right people x brand gravity / friction.

If any of these first three are a zero, you’ll get zero results.

What link can we improve for you today?

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Full-Cycle Marketing

Many businesses offer both reactive and proactive services, and to truly dominate your market, you probably need both inbound, outbound, and additional strategies such as retargeting / remarketing (ads that “chase you around the web”), thought leadership, “BizDev” Business Development of channels & events and more.

Inbound Marketing

For reactive services such as Emergency Locksmith services, inbound marketing is your best channel.

We can help with both SEM / PPC (Search Engine Marketing / Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) (both Local Maps SEO and organic national SEO), and meta-channel optimization (Social, Directories, etc).

Outbound Marketing

For proactive services & products such as real estate or finance, outbound marketing may be a more proactive way to tap existing demand or actively generate demand.

If you have a clear avatar / target audience, we can help you by spinning up small test campaigns for as little as $100 to get a sense for ROI & CAC (Cost of Audience Conversion).


Unsure where to start?

Order Your Audit & Analytics Installation

When you visit the doctor, they get key vitals. Basic info can start the baseline diagnosis and must be done before anything else.

For us to dive into your case, we need to know what’s working, and what’s not. We also must improve upon hidden success, such as SEO page 2 results – you might not feel the traffic, but we usually spot some quick wins.

Already have Analytics Installed?

Great! Most clients don’t have it set up correctly, in our view. We’ll touch it up. If it’s truly correct, awesome! We’ll dive deeper into other areas. We’ll also setup Marketing Goals tracking to help you get to cost-per-lead, etc.

Is there a refund policy?

So far, nobody has ever asked, but if you were not happy, talk to us. Our job is discover truth. On rare occasions, people don’t want to hear truth; if that’s the case we encourage you to get a 2nd opinion.

We are Google Certified, have Facebook Certified staff, deep hands-on experience, along with a variety of other certifications.

Marketing Audit & Analytics Installation / Update Package Includes…

  • Google Analytics 4 Setup with Goals, Tags
  • SEO Audit + Keyword Research, Local Maps SEO Review
  • SWOT, Market, & Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media & % of Mindshare Review
  • Low Hanging Fruit & Quick Win Recommendations

Once this is done, we’ll schedule a 1:1 video call to go through results & recommendations.

Note we charge for this, because we take a deep dive, and will give you actionable insights you may choose to implement with existing staff. We’ll go no-holds-back and give you our best ideas, not just a sales pitch.

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