Corporate Brand Manifesto Video

Convey Client Success at Scale

What does your brand and company stand for? 

How do your products or services fit within my own larger goals?

Example 1: Our Brand Manifesto Video for SwiftCloud

More than anything, the goal is inspire and convey a feeling.

A Corporate Manifesto ideally should tease the magical promise land you’re working toward. 

It should feel authentic, on-brand, and ideally convey a larger mission you’re a part of.

Example Brand Manifesto Videos

Our Process...

Start With Why

Why do what you do? The 5 Whys: Why listen, care, change, us, now?

Outline to Script

What words convey the emotional results of reaching the promised land?


Stock footage, talking heads, AI, or full production. What best moves the needle?


How can we get this story to millions of people so they join your mission?


Great for business owners with basic technical skills or a team. 

Done-With-You Script

Turn-key system – we’ll handle the details with just a few minutes via scheduled phone call.

For new businesses or major relaunch

Adds the website core + foundation for a high performing marketing machine.