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How Can Swift Marketing Help You ?

Strategically or Tactically.

Our highest and best use is to be your virtual marketing department, and work with your team on scheduled meetings with accountability reports and very clear before/after graphs and summaries of how we build your business.

We can Double Your Income.

Services / Products

Already have a marketing department? No problem – we can deliver you specific tactical “weapons of business” to help you reach your goals.Some of the tactical methods we use to grow your business include

  • “Get More Sales” Consulting. If you want more clients, you need to communicate benefits to the right audience. Our success formula of “Big Relevant Traffic + Compelling Profitable Offer = Success” is the touchstone from which we identify problem areas preventing your growth and then recommend a path to solve challenges to help you reach your goals.
    • Consulting Info Request Form
    • Basic Subscription for Small Businesses
  • Website Development, Design, Programming. High end complex projects to tiny easy static landing pages, everything related and in between. Need banner ads? Mass email that ties to your website? Multi-variate tested, CPA-network trackable, one-time-offer upsell, downsell, with exit pops, instant on video and CDN syndication in multiple languages with stealth feeder data dump sites and 301 SEO redirects? We can do it. You dream it, we make it happen.
  • Video to Attract (SEO videos), Persuade (Sales Videos) & Educate. Videos increase sales in most cases (but not all!), are 5300% easier to SEO into page-1 position than a regular website. Whether you need on-camera talent, TV ads, web videos, “spinnable” videos for SEO, screencasts, animation, or DVD giveaways, we can help. We offer pre-made mass customizable videos via subscription with your name and logo added to them or custom video services for something more unique.
    • Custom Video Services
    • Pre-Made Licensable Videos for Purchase
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Be #1 in Google, Yahoo, & Bing for even the most competitive of keywords. How do we do it? In-house custom programming, innovative human systems, backlink farming and link wheels, RSS, press releases, article marketing, forum marketing, white hat and grey hat on-site optimization (no black hat), maps and GPS optimization, social media backlinking, and more. Bottom line: We can create organic traffic and help you be found by people looking for your services.
  • Search Engine Marketing & Display Marketing. We can help you run advertising on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis, CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions i.e. banner ads or video ads), CPA (Cost-per-Action) on over 100 more systems than simply Google. Because Google is so dominant, there’s a significant often overlooked opportunity especially for presence-of-mind branding using display marketing.
    • PPC Pay-Per-Click Services
    • Banner & Display Media Creation
  • Mass Emailincluding list rental, autoresponders, joint-venture assistance. In truth, because this is so visible, small business owners often believe this to be more effective than it really is. That said, it is easily #1 for client retention, though for client acquisition the effectiveness varies widely by the list, offer, and call-to-action.
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM). This rapidly growing and quickly evolving field is virtually required now – and to ignore it risks peril and potentially disastrous and irreparable damage to one’s brand. By actively “firewalling” good reviews and “pre-flooding” page one of google to minimize the effects of any negative claims or statements online from angry competitors playing dirty, disgruntled ex-employees who didn’t work out, or clients who had an unrealistic point of view and a vendetta that can’t or couldn’t be appeased.
  • Crazy stuff – Technology Ninjitsu. This can include scrapers and spiders to pull hundreds or millions of records down and automatically dispatch a message based on whitelist/blacklist criteria, logic-bots that virtually stop bad reviews and dramatically increase good reviews and referrals, and even more. You just tell us your goals – leave the “how” to us, and we’ll create a plan to help you double your business.
  • Print Services. We love technology, but there are times when the best tool for the job is still an old-school handwritten note, a postcard, business card, or other printed material. We can create logos, branding, collateral to clarify and unify your branding into a focused and effective customer / client message.
  • Leads Generation. If you offer exceptional service within a common industry (i.e. real estate, plastic surgery – an industry we can market for), you can skip to the front of the line and leave it all to us to make your phone ring. When you need to eat in a hurry, do you learn to be a farmer and start planting crops? Or go to the grocery store or a restaurant? We believe every business should generate their own leads, but to scale up fast, earn some income, and fill in gaps, our sales leads skip you ahead to earning money faster. Leads are guaranteed phone-contactable, can be filtered, and are real-time data transfer or phone transfer to you on a very simple, low-risk cost-per-lead basis. If you convert 1/3rd of incoming calls into appointments, and 1/2 of all appointments into sales, then at $25 per lead your cost-per-closed/paid-deal is just $150 ($25 x 3 x 2). This is often a perfect way to quickly generate sales in a slow month, or add volume until other marketing gains traction.

All the above are like tactics, and valuable ones at that, however, without a single clear strategy, it’s possible to win the battle but lose the war for your customer’s and client’s mind and pocketbook. With that in mind, we have an especially unique program that may be perfect for you:

Swift Marketing: Your Marketing Department

Let’s face it: most small and mid-sized businesses know they need to do a list of marketing activities, but it keeps staying on the “I should get to that” list – and the result is usually holding back company growth.

Unlike a marketing consultant that just gives you ideas, our programs focus on a blend of strategic “steering the car” but also the engine of growth – implementation. Furthermore, clients receive discounts on all services, a scheduled monthly or bi-monthly call during which we’ll review actual sales, what was done, what will be done for the coming period, and review the success-metric numbers that matter to you. You’ll see a decrease in cost-per-client-acquisition, increase in overall customer counts and average check, and other metrics in easy to read graphs with clear before/after reports so you’ll be able to see the return on investment.

You want growth. It’s why you’re here. We can help you double your business. Are you ready? We are.

Call us now, or have a conversation with your Swift Marketing sales engineer on how we can design a plan that meets your needs.