Swift Marketing Software is a combination of tools & training
to actively create demand for your service or product.


The easiest way to increase sales is to automate your followup with lead nurturing and sales lead incubation via drip marketing.

Swift Marketing is tightly integrated with SwiftCloud, which includes SwiftCRM hosted Client Relationship Manager, SwiftBooks accounting, SwiftTasks task and project management and more.

Lately, the market has focused on inbound marketing, which is great in terms of cost-per-lead and high closing ratios, but it omits one crucial detail:

We help companies get a leads commitment for the sales team to close.

We believe outbound marketing has been overlooked – and furthermore, you shouldn’t choose one or the other.You should do both.

In the era of big data, social signals pulled from multiple social networks, and unprecedented targeting opportunities, outbound marketing is more predictable, more controllable, and faster to scale than purely inbound marketing. If you’re in B2B (Business to Business) marketing, the sheer numbers and consistency alone of outbound marketing especially when combined with video can help you grow your business.

For B2C (Business to Consumer) companies, outbound marketing when triggered by data mining and macroscopic signals (aka “Big Data”) can get the right message to the right people to actively create demand.

If this resonates as truth or opportunity for you, contact us for a free initial consultation – or if you simply want access to tools, sign up above and take it for a test drive.

Note not all tools are public, and some are tailored to specific client needs so if you have a goal in mind, let us know and we may be able to help.

Swift Marketing public beta suite currently includes:

  • The world’s most powerful and flexible autoresponder and sales lead nurturing system with multi-modal delivery methods and lists automation
  • Contacts database with batch tools including tagging, notes, custom variables
  • Social scheduling tools that allow you to pre-schedule months of social media consistency in advance, perfectly timed with tracking pre-installed
  • Referral generation systems for database marketers (sales professionals, most typically) to never let a contact go longer than X days between impressions.

Swift Marketing private beta currently includes:

  • Outbound email automation based on Cold Calling 2.0 / “Predictable Revenue” strategies
  • Data mining, scraping, sentiment analysis, and more [private clients / NDA]
  • SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) tracking with multiple proxies (part of Swift Radar)

Take action now, risk free. Swift Marketing Suite carries a zero-hassle, no-BS 60 day (2 month) money-back guarantee. We’re confident, and we’ll accept the risk that it’s a good fit for you. Sign up now, or contact us for a free initial consultation.

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