We have a new service as a courtesy for our clients.

We’ll test any product to tell you if it’s “Magic Beans”.

There is never a shortage of people selling snake oil – products that don’t work nearly as well as advertised. Sometimes, they even purposely make them complicated, so they can feed you hope, but make it difficult to implement, because they know it doesn’t work well, or at the very least, are not sure it does work at all.

So, whenever you get some new “Amazingly Powerful Google Dominator-thingy” that promises “all your wildest dreams will come true if you just buy our product”, then sent it our way. We’ll investigate, and send you a score, from 1 to 10, on how likely it is that it works.

Fortunately, in the fluid information pool we call the internet, it’s usually really easy to find this out. If we truly think it IS great, we’ll probably buy it. If we know anyone else testing it, we’ll recommend you hold for just a bit til feedback is available.

The first settlers on the prairie often get arrows in their back.

Google “Product Launch Formula”, and you’ll see a big trend: people pushing for a big launch, all at once. Why?

They know the products never live up to the hype. Combined with a culture designed to make a feeding frenzy, i.e. create demand and tell you you can’t have it, til date X, then hope to sell as many as possible in the first few hours before word of mouth or actual reviews can kill it.

Are all “Product Launch Formula” products bad? Of course not – but beware, many of the products being sold to you, pushed at you, won’t live up to the reputation. It’s human nature to want magic beans, so it’s an easy sale. We want you to focus on the fundamental strategies proven to work, and then when new “tactical weapons” come out that look interesting to you, send ’em over our way. 99% of the time, we’ll already know about it, may know someone using it, know the guys (or ladies) producing it and help you make sense of it all.

Just contact us through the support system http://SwiftMarketing.com/support – as usual and ask for a “magic beans test”.