We want to be your technology partner.

Most business owners started their business out of passion, or bought it, but quickly become mired in running a business.

You’re really at your highest and best use when helping people. You probably have a head full of expertise that can help clients – but how can that head full of expertise make you more money, and help clients find you? Some of the best providers, one of which might be you, aren’t as busy as they/you’d like to be – but it may not be about your skills, experience, product, but more about marketing. In fact, for many industries, the most dominant player in the market is not as innovative as some up-and-comers, who innovate out of necessity.

Marketing is conceptually simple: Deliver a compelling offer to the right people.

Execution of this, however, is not simple. Furthermore, business is very competitive, and you need an edge.

That’s where we come in. 

We have a great team of tech wizards around the world who come together to solve problems.

For many businesses, sales leads are oxygen.

We believe the marketing department should have a commitment, a requirement to produce a certain number of leads, and the sales department should have a commitment to converting leads into revenue. Pushing sales people to do lead generation is like using a wrench to dig a hole – it’s simply the wrong tool for the job.

If you’re really determined to find out about us, here you go:

Swift Marketing is part of Gendesic Inc., a privately held company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The team consists of over a dozen full time staff and a small army of regular freelancers doing programming, design work, content and writing, project management, marketing consultation, and technology work to help small and mid-sized businesses reach their goals. Need to know even more? Just contact us. We’re friendly and love what we do.